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Aesthetic facial treatments

Aesthetic facial treatments

Aesthetic treatments used for facial lifting and restoration of lost volume.
(The procedure involves a local anesthetic.)
Aliaxin (1ml)340,00€
Juvederm & Restylane (1ml)400,00€


dissolving old filler

A non-surgical method that utilizes hyaluronic fillers to lift and shape the seven key facial points, aiming to achieve a more feminine look and improved facial contours (top model look).
2.000 – 2.600,00€
FULL FACE (12-15ml)
A comprehensive procedure utilizing hyaluronic fillers for facial lifting and restoration of lost volume throughout the face.
on request
BOTULINUM TOXIN (Botox, Vistabel)
Botox is a neurotoxin used in aesthetic medicine to remove/reduce wrinkles. The application is almost painless, and there is minimal recovery time. The results of Botox become visible after 2-7 days, and the effects are expected to last for approximately 3 months.
1 REGION (The area between the eyebrows or forehead or wrinkles around the eyes) 265,00€
2 REGIONS (The area between the eyebrows and the forehead) 335,00€
3 REGIONS (The area between the eyebrows, forehead, and wrinkles around the eyes.) 400,00€


(100 units)

Different cocktails of hyaluronic acid, amino acids, peptides, antioxidants are used to improve skin texture and stimulate collagen production. For optimal results, 3-4 treatments are typically done with a gap of 7-10 days between each session.
Face140,00€ per treatment
Face, Neck200,00€ per treatment
PACKAGE: 4 facial mesotherapy treatments + 3 peels580,00€
RRS Eyes80,00€ per treatment
PACKAGE: 4 mesotherapy treatments RRS Eyes300,00€
Plinest Eye polynucleotides230,00€
PACKAGE: 3  Plinest Eye treatments 600,00€
Newest polynucleotides230,00€
PACKAGE: 3  Newest treatments (polynucleotides) 600,00€

These treatments replenish lost hyaluronic acid and collagen, moisturizing the skin from within and rejuvenating mature hands, décolletage, and face.

For optimal results, an initial course of 2 treatments is recommended with intervals of 4 weeks.

After completing the initial course, some patients may require maintenance treatments every 6 months, but over time, the frequency of maintenance treatments becomes less frequent.

Restylane Vital 400,00€ per treatment
Hydrobooster Viscoderm 265,00€ per treatment

Profhilo (2ml)

It is a combination of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and its mechanism of action is not focused on achieving volume in the injected area. Instead, it slowly spreads and integrates into the skin surrounding the injection site, stimulating fibroblasts to produce new connective tissue, promoting an increase in fat cells, and hydrating the skin with its high concentration of hyaluronic acid.

This cellular activation process at all levels of the skin is referred to as bio remodeling.

It erases the tired appearance of the face, restores volume, profoundly hydrates the skin, and restores its elasticity.

Initially, 2 treatments are needed at a one-month interval for optimal results. After that, maintenance treatments are typically required 1-2 times yearly.


Radiesse 1.5 cc

These treatments are used to stimulate the natural production of collagen in the skin, helping to improve density, elasticity, and volume for long-lasting rejuvenation results (lasting longer than 2 years).


Radiesse Plus Lidocaine 1.5 cc

These treatments are used to stimulate the natural production of collagen in the skin, helping to improve density, elasticity, and volume for long-lasting rejuvenation results (lasting longer than 2 years).

Sculptra – By stimulating the production of new collagen in the skin, it can restore firmness, quality, and volume to your skin. 690,00€

Therapy with your own blood (PRP) or platelet-rich plasma therapy is a medical procedure that involves injecting concentrated platelet-rich plasma derived from your own blood to stimulate the healing process, tissue growth, and improve the appearance of the skin.

Offer for an individual PRP treatment with derma pen and hyaluronic acid.

332,00€ per treatment

Therapy with your own blood (PRP)

3 treatments – package.


Medium-depth and superficial chemical peels are excellent methods for treating acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and reducing the appearance of fine lines. They can also be used to refresh the facial skin.

Chemical peels work by removing the old skin layers, thus stimulating the growth of new skin cells, resulting in a brighter, healthier, and more beautiful complexion. They enhance the penetration of other active ingredients, remove damaged outer skin layers, promote cell renewal, and achieve an improved skin appearance.

PRX PEEL 100,00€
PACKAGE: 4 PRX PEEL  350,00€
TCA PEEL (15% TCA acid) 120,00€
Dermapen 4™ treatment is a safe and effective procedure for facial rejuvenation, scar removal and reduction, stretch marks, wrinkles, and skin pigmentation using micro-needling. By combining the effects of micro-needling and deep nourishment and hydration of the skin, this treatment successfully addresses aesthetic concerns and restores the skin’s velvety glow, smoothness, and firmness.
Face 200,00€ per treatment
Face + Neck 265,00€ per treatment
Face + Neck + Décolletage 335,00€ per treatment
PACKAGE: 4  DERMAPEN treatments (Face) + 2 Gratis Peels 780,00€
PACKAGE: 4 DERMAPEN treatments (Face + Neck) + 2 Gratis Peels 1.040,00€
PACKAGE: 4 DERMAPEN treatments (Face + Neck + Décolletage) + 2 Gratis Peels 1.308,00€

Exosome treatment is suitable for all skin types.

Exosomes have anti-inflammatory properties, promote collagen production, strengthen the skin barrier, stimulate skin renewal, reduce wrinkles, scars, and pores, improve skin tone, and alleviate hyperpigmentation.

Exosome therapy is one of the most popular rejuvenation treatments currently used in regenerative medicine.

Professional treatments for removing hyperpigmentation on the skin utilize specialized formulations with active ingredients that inhibit melanin production and reduce the visibility of dark spots and irregularities.
Cosmelan 730,00€
Dermamelan 995,00€

*An additional 5% for card payment is calculated on all listed facial treatment prices.

Ivanka Kovačić

Welcome to Cirkonij Centar


Dr. Ivanka Kovačić graduated from the School of Dentistry at the University of Zagreb in 2002.

With ten years of experience in non-invasive non-surgical aesthetic medicine, she performs the latest treatments aimed at achieving natural and harmonious results.

She approaches each patient individually with a strong emphasis on naturalness.
She is a member of HDEM and continuously educates herself at international congresses, regularly bringing the latest trends from the world of aesthetics.

She possesses numerous Masterclasses, particularly the one for the Full face approach with dermal fillers according to MD Codes.
Many patients proudly wear her signature on their faces as Zirconium has become a symbol of beautiful and well-groomed women.


Would you like more information about facial treatments?

Please send your inquiry, and Dr. Ivanka Kovačić will respond to you as soon as possible.

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